dancED Movement Project offers engaging one to two week customized Artist-In-Residence programs for students.  Professional dancers and educators work with each class to teach movement fundamentals and rehearse a comprehensive and challenging dance routine.  All programs finish with the highly anticipated final showcase where students perform for their peers, parents and teachers in a full-scale production. 

Currently, dancED Movement Project delivers three main program options to capture the diversity of today’s dance and performance spectrum:


Hip Hop

This program is fun and upbeat with a strong focus on quality of movement and musicality. Students will learn what makes hip-hop unique from other forms of dance: sharpness of movement, rhythm and attitude. 



This program introduces an array of styles to students. Every class will learn a routine focusing on a different genre of dance including hip-hop, Broadway, jive, swing, pop, Afro-Brazilian and disco.


Musical theatre

Each class will perform a routine from a wide range of Broadway musicals such as Jersey Boys, Hairspray, Anything Goes, Mamma Mia, Wicked and West Side Story to name a few.  This program focuses on theatricality and expression. 



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CBC Arts feature

"If you're deaf and you can't hear the music, you can definitely feel the vibrations. And that can really help you dance." Student Pewhysis Thunder on her week with dancED Movement Project. Checkout Krista and Andrea's powerful impact at the Alberta School for the Deaf recently featured on CBC Arts media.


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danced in africa

In November of 2016, Co-Directors Andrea and Krista hopped on a plane to Freetown, Sierra Leone for a very special project. They spent two inspiring weeks with 235 students at Rising Academy's Babadorie School, exploring musical theatre, swing,  jive and jazz dance.  Rising Academy Network is a growing network of schools in West Africa, providing the highest quality learning at the lowest possible cost. For many of the students, it was their first experience exploring North American genres of dance. The program culminated in a successful final performance that brought the community together and allowed the students to enthusiastically demonstrate these newly learned forms of dance. Be sure to visit our Facebook page for a more detailed overview of our experience working with the students at Babadorie School!

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About rising academies network

Rising Academy Network operates 8 affordable, high quality Junior Secondary Schools in Sierra Leone, and 5 free government Primary Schools in Liberia under the Partnership Schools for Liberia initiative. Their students develop excellent literacy, numeracy and spoken English, as the foundation for success in further study, work and day-to-day life.

Rising Academy Network's Scholarship Fund enables children (particularly girls) from the most disadvantaged backgrounds to receive a quality education at one of their schools. 1 in 4 of their students currently receive scholarship support. Their Scholarship Fund is operated in partnership with the Solon Foundation, a Canada-registered charity.

dancED Movement Project challenges you to give the gift of something special to those in need. It doesn't have to be big - our dear friend and mentor, Kenny Pearl, reminds us all that "you can make a difference with a small gift. A little can go a long way."

For more information, or to make a donation to Rising Academy Network, click on the link below!